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Greetings from the Lemonade Ocean!

A little about me...

  • Name: Calypso, or Cal for short
  • Pronouns: They/He
  • Age: 27 years ancient
  • 300 lego minifigures in a trenchcoat

Refugee of the increasingly hostile landscape of social media. On there I'm mostly known for my fanart, my media analysis, and my funky little au's, largely revolving around lego media properties. I spend a lot of time talking to people in my two respective discord servers, brickscord and the valley, through which I've met many great folks, including my current partner. Their love and support means everything to me

I hope to make this website a place to collect and properly organize some of my art, and showcase the things I'm interested in in a fun manner. I'm very new to neocities, and website building in general, though I've long had an interest in messing around with html for things like tumblr themes. I am definitely just winging it when it comes to coding, so advice on how to improve is always welcome!

I just think it's neat...

I plan to have a full page that goes into more detail, but here's a quick overview of the sort of stuff I'm into, in case you're just passing by...

media analysis
marine biology
lego city
hca fairytales
god au's
horror movies
queer theory
math the band
and so on...

In Progress...

A list of things I plan on adding to this website, or that I need to fix. Last update was on .

  • literally all the pages that aren't external links 😭
  • stat counter and site update need to be fixed
  • music player maybe

Thanks for stopping by! 👋

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